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Common Winter Issues That Affect Your Doors and Windows

You might not notice it at first, but the cold winter weather can slowly affect your doors and windows. They’re part of your home’s exteriors, which means they take on a lot of the weather elements that cause wear and tear over time. By being aware of the issues your doors and windows face during the winter season, you can take the right precautions to prevent future damage. As a trusted specialist in sliding windows, at Renewal by Andersen® of Montana share some of the most common issues your doors and windows face during winter:

Doors and Windows


The cold temperatures and humidity during the winter season can cause significant damage to the structural purity of certain materials. Wooden window frames and doors can get affected the most if they’re not properly stained or treated with the right finish. For instance, if the humidity levels in your indoor air quality are too high, they can warp or bow significantly. They can also shrink under extreme temperatures!

Other materials such as vinyl and aluminum are more durable than wood. They won’t experience this same degree of distortion as wood, but they still have their drawbacks. Vinyl becomes brittle when under extremely cold temperatures and compromises its insulating properties. And while aluminum can be more lightweight than vinyl or wood, they’re not recommended in colder climates because they’re unable to retain indoor heat effectively. 

If you want a window replacement that can withstand your local winter weather, we recommend our Fibrex® windows. It’s made with our proprietary Fibrex material, which is made with 40 percent reclaimed wood by volume. It’s also twice as strong as vinyl and has excellent heat and moisture resistance. Talk to our team today to learn how you can get Fibrex windows for your home!

Drafty Doors and Windows

Broken or failed seals can often cause drafts from your windows, but they can also come from doors that have poor weather-stripping or insulation. Drafts can also come from old windows and doors that aren’t fitted properly. Sometimes, even weather stripping or extensive repairs won’t be enough to seal the air leaks, so you may need to consider replacing your old windows and doors to prevent higher energy costs. 

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