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3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Patio Door

Certain home improvement projects, such as door and window replacement can improve your home’s energy efficiency. These upgrades will also add significant value to your property, just in case you’re considering selling it in the future. Moreover, having well-performing patio doors is essential to your home’s protection against harsh outdoor elements and conditions. 

Is it time to replace your patio door? Keep reading to find out. 

Fog Between the Panes

Condensation between the panes of your windows can indicate that the glass’ seal has been compromised. If this is the case, air and moisture can get in the panes, which means that your windows are no longer energy efficient. For this issue, the best solution is a door replacement. It’s the same if the glass of the unit has cracks. 

Gaps Between the Door and the Frame

Weather extremes can cause the frame and sash of your doors to warp over time. Faulty installation can also result in gaps between the door and the frame. For insulation, safety, and appeal of your home, you’ll need to have your patio door replaced if it’s warped. For quality sliding windows and patio doors, you can count on Renewal by Andersen® of Montana.  

Drafts Inside Your Home

Are some parts of your home uncomfortably warm in summer and hard to heat in winter? This can be because of your leaky patio door. To determine if it is indeed your door causing this issue, stand beside it and see if there’s a significant change in temperature. You can also light an incense stick and let it smoke by the door. If the smoke goes toward the edges of the door, between the glass and the frame, then it’s probably drafty. 

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