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Fall Patio Door Maintenance Pointers

Even if the weather isn’t as intense as winter or summer, it still helps to prepare your patio doors for fall because this gives you a lot of time to keep themclean and functional. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana shares a few patio door maintenance pointers you can follow to prepare them for the fall season.

Fall Patio Door Maintenance Pointers

Clean Your Doors Once a Year

The perfect time to clean your doors and other fenestration products are during spring and fall. To clean them, we recommend using mild soap diluted in water with a soft cloth. Be sure to rub it gently so as not to scratch the panes. You should also make sure to use non-abrasive detergents that do not contain ammonia so that you don’t damage the door. This tip is handy and can be applied to all kinds of windows, such as PVC, aluminum, vinyl or wood windows. You’ll even notice that your window has a new shine that you haven’t seen before.

Lubricate Them Once a Year

Since fall is generally a slow season, take this opportunity to lubricate parts of your sliding doors to keep them from creaking or making them difficult to operate. We recommend using an invisible all-around spray lubricant on your tracks and rollers. Make sure that you don’t wipe it off so that the lubricant can spread to other parts of the track. This ensures that your patio door will be working flawlessly for the rest of the seasons.

Inspect Weather-stripping Once a Year

This is especially important when you’re preparing for the winter and summer seasons. Be sure to check your window’s weather-stripping every fall because they can show signs of wear and tear. If they are damaged, have them replaced immediately to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

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