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Which Should You Replace First: Siding or Windows?

You may choose to replace your windows, siding or both if you want to improve your home’s exterior look and energy efficiency. Contractors typically recommend installing new siding and windows simultaneously as it’s the most cost-effective and efficient approach. However, if you can’t handle two projects at the same time, experts suggest replacing your windows first.

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Read on as sliding window installers at Renewal by Andersen® of Montana share more information in this post.

Why Windows Should Go First

One of the main reasons why you should replace your windows first is the capping. The capping is a sheet of material placed over the window frames to keep water or moisture out. Removing the old siding can damage the capping. And if you replace the siding first, it means you’ll need to do the capping twice — during siding replacement and again during window replacement. You’ll spend more time and money because of this if you choose to replace your siding first.

Why Do It at the Same Time

Scheduling your siding and window replacement at the same time may seem more expensive, but this approach is usually more time- and cost-efficient. Replacing your siding and windows simultaneously allows you to finish everything in one go. It also means you only need to prepare your home and adjust your schedule once. Furthermore, you can benefit from the energy efficiency benefits of both features right away.

The final decision, however, is yours. If you notice that your siding has extensive damage and that your windows are in better condition, you should replace your siding first. Make sure to hire a reputable siding and window replacement contractor to carefully inspect your home and perform the job satisfactorily.

Replacing your old picture windows and doors is the best way to add value and curb appeal to your home. Fortunately, Renewal by Andersen of Montana offers high-quality products and top-notch installation services. Call us at (406) 259-3944 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.


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