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Top 3 Sliding Patio Door Benefits You Can Enjoy

Also referred to as gliding doors, sliding patio doors are composed of at least two glass panels. Either of those glass panels slides horizontally to open and close the unit. This gliding happens on track rollers hidden within channels, giving it a smooth appearance. Thanks to their sleek design and space-saving features, sliding patio doors are extremely popular and are commonly used in high-traffic areas. 

Sliding Patio Door Benefits

Need more reasons to convince you to invest in this door type? Renewal by Andersen® of Montana lists the most amazing benefits sliding patio doors offer.

Energy Efficiency

Each panel of sliding patio doors interlocks. When shut and locked, their panels create a tight seal that keeps unwanted drafts from seeping through gaps and penetrating your indoor spaces. Without gaps, these doors can trap conditioned air inside more efficiently and prevent outside air from interfering with your indoor climate. This ultimately simplifies the work of your HVAC units, leading to energy savings in the long run.

More Indoor Space

Sliding patio doors require no room to operate. If you have limited space at home, they won’t take up any adjacent areas by sliding horizontally. This specific feature of sliding doors lets you place pieces of furniture and other objects near them without worrying too much about clearance.

Less Vulnerable to Mechanical Issues

Most importantly, sliding doors are less prone to mechanical problems. This is because their track supports the weight of their glass panels, putting less stress on the hardware pieces. Unlike the hinges of typical French doors, the rollers of sliding doors often last longer and require less maintenance over the years.

Renewal by Andersen of Montana provides some of the highest quality sliding patio doors in the region. Aside from these doors, we also offer high-performance hinged French doors and replacement windows. Give us a call at (406) 812-8167 or complete our contact form today to schedule a FREE consultation.


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