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4 Things You Can Expect From Fibrex®

For quality window replacement solutions, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana offers a distinct advantage with its Fibrex® composite material technology. This innovative framing material revolutionizes not only the performance but also the durability and appearance of replacement windows. Here are four benefits you can expect from Fibrex windows.

 Fibrex windows

1. Superior Strength and Durability

Fibrex is a top-tier window framing material, merging the durability of wood with the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl. It can be made into slimmer frames, providing more expansive glass areas and clear views for your home. Unlike vinyl, Fibrex maintains its strength and structure in all weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance.

2. Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Regions with unpredictable weather often experience a challenge in maintaining home energy efficiency.

Fibrex, with its outstanding thermal insulation, coupled with advanced glass choices, ensures excellent year-round comfort and potential savings on heating and cooling costs. Compared to materials like aluminum, Fibrex’s minimal thermal transfer helps keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Fibrex material is crafted for long-term durability, eliminating the need for scraping or painting. Resistant to rot, decay, and mold, it ensures the enduring beauty and functionality of your windows without the burden of frequent upkeep. 

4. Aesthetics That Complement Your Home

Fibrex allows for window designs that mirror the original style of your home’s windows, including custom and specialty shapes. This adaptability ensures that replacement windows do not detract from your home’s appearance but instead enhance its overall beauty and value.

With Renewal by Andersen of Montana, you’re not just purchasing new windows. You’re investing in products that deliver lasting comfort, strength, energy efficiency and aesthetics for your home. Call us at (406) 259-3944 or fill out our contact form to book a consultation.


"I highly recommend Renewal by Andersen. We were treated well and everything went smoothly from start to finish. The company kept in contact with me before, during, and after the installation and let me know what to expect. I'm in love with my new windows! I will be using this company again when we refinish our basement. "

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