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3 Signs Your Window Seals Have Failed

All windows, from traditional casements to custom-built picture windows, need to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure their optimal performance year-round. However, due to excessive wear and tear, there will come a time when your window seals, which are responsible for creating a barrier against outside temperatures, will fail. Here are three signs of window seal failure to watch out for:

Window Seals Have Failed

1. Fog

If you see fog or mist building up within the panes of your windows, this indicates that they have lost their insulating properties by a great level. Fogging is usually caused by weather changes and high moisture content brought on by leaks.

2. Drafts

Drafts are another definite sign of window seal failure. When you feel drafts or cold gusts of air seeping into your home, then the seals or weatherstripping of your sliding windows, for instance, have already deteriorated. This defect appears around the edges of the window frame or anywhere that panes of glass overlap. Drafts not only cause discomfort but can also spike up the cost of your heating and cooling.

3. Warping

A wood or vinyl window frame can shrink and expand due to sudden changes in temperature, causing its surface to bow or warp. In many cases, a warped frame comprises the structural integrity of the material, leading to an array of challenges, such as decreased security and energy efficiency. If you notice warping on your windows, have it replaced by a reliable window specialist as soon as possible.

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