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3 Window Sizing Tips You Might Want to Keep in Mind

What makes window replacement daunting is the vast number of things you’ll need to decide on. For starters, the durability of the framing material and energy performance of the glass should be taken into account. Then you have to think about customization, with the goal to design windows that will take your home’s curb appeal to the next level. And just like how a new air conditioning system has to be sized properly for your home, so should your new windows be the proper size. Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, your go-to window replacement expert, shares a few important window sizing tips.

Window Sizing Tips

1. Make your new windows bigger. There are plenty of good reasons to choose bigger windows for your home. Larger units, for one thing, look more striking, helping you create an instant point of interest in any given room. You might also want to pick larger windows for these benefits:

  • Allow more natural light into your home, which should prove quite handy for your daylighting needs.
  • Maximize your home’s viewing area. If there’s a stunning view from your home that you want to show off to best effect, then larger windows are the way to go.
  • Ventilate your home naturally. Bigger windows mean bigger openings (at least in operable windows), which make it easier to direct fresh, cooling breezes into your home.

2. Scale your new windows down a bit. In some cases, bigger doesn’t always mean better. It might be a good idea to choose smaller windows for these reasons:

  • Help increase your privacy, which is especially important in certain areas, such as the bedroom and bathroom. Of course, privacy won’t be an issue if the homes in your neighborhood aren’t close together, or if your property has enough foliage to give your bathroom windows ample cover.
  • Let in less solar heat. You might want to go for smaller windows in areas (particularly south-facing rooms) that receive direct sunlight throughout the day. The same rule may apply for windows that are positioned on the east and west sides of your home.

3. Make your new windows code-compliant. This means certain windows in your home, such as those found in the bedroom, bathroom or basement, should be sized according to current building codes. Given how these requirements exist for your personal safety, it’s best to comply with them.

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