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4 Key Elements of a Good Window Replacement Contract

Now that you’ve decided to get new windows for your home, the next step is to find a reliable window replacement specialist that can provide you with a detailed and precise contract. But how exactly do you know whether that contract is a good one? It’s simple enough — just make sure to look for these key essentials:

Good Window Replacement Contract

1. Project Overview and Timeline

Window replacement seems like a straightforward project, but it can actually be as complicated as other “major” home upgrades. Knowing how and when the work will be done — and who will be doing the work — will be to your benefit, as that can give you a clearer picture of what to expect come installation day.

2. Itemized List of Materials and Accessories

You’ll want to make sure the window replacement contract has a recap of what you’ve discussed with your contractor during the in-home consultation. This should include the finalized window design along with a full list of materials and accessories that will be used. That same list should spell out the cost of each item, as well. Do you see charges that seem out of place? Ask your choice of window contractor about that.

3. Proof of Credentials

The window replacement contract should contain details about the window company itself. This isn’t limited to the business address and contact details — the necessary licensing information, surety bond and insurance coverage should also be printed there. And if you can’t find the warranty information on your new windows within the contract, ask your window contractor to have it included.

4. Payment Terms

Make sure the contractor’s policies on both the windows and the installation are laid out in the contract. This should include the payment schedule and the mode of payment. If the window replacement project comes with other fees that aren’t part of the service, such as window disposal and cleanup, they should be included in the contract.

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