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Choosing a Bathroom Window: 4 Essentials to Consider

Some windows look and work better with a particular home style. But did you know there are windows that also pair well with a specific room? A trusted window installation company in the area, Renewal by Andersen of Montana, shares some of the essentials to consider when picking new windows for your bath space.

Choosing a Bathroom Window

1. Outdoor View

If your bathroom overlooks a stunning view, you can use picture windows to maximize it. Think of these windows as a frame that showcases dynamic natural art – one that transforms into something new depending on the weather or season. The thin frames and expansive glass of picture windows can also bring more natural light into your bathroom, which is something you’ll surely appreciate because it helps cut back on artificial illumination during the daytime.

2. Ventilation

Exhaust fans can help keep your bathroom fresh and free of moisture, but they may not be enough. You’ll want to incorporate windows into the space that can increase your access to natural ventilation. Casement and double hung windows are great examples. They create large openings that allow warm and moisture-laden air to escape out of the room and, at the same time, let in fresh air. Because casement and double hung windows get rid of excess moisture in your bathroom, you can expect to see less mold and mildew in the space.

3. Building Codes

There are certain building codes in place that may dictate your window options in the bathroom. You’ll need to make sure, for instance, that the windows are of a specific height or width. Plus, they should be operable so you can use them to safely and easily exit your home during an emergency. Casement and sliding windows usually meet these requirements.

4. Privacy

The bathroom is an extremely personal space, so you won’t want anything to draw attention to it from the outside. For this reason, try to keep your windows small or standard-sized, especially those facing the street or the side of a neighboring home. Casement windows are a good choice for this because of their generally compact design. Window placement is also important. Try to have your windows installed higher up the wall – above head height – to better improve your privacy.

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