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How to Make Your Windows Elder-Friendly

In developed countries, the population is rapidly aging—which means more people over 60 years old will soon outnumber any other age demographic. And while developed nations will feel the brunt of this first, like the United States, other countries will follow suit.

Make Your Windows Elder-Friendly

This just highlights the importance of making your home components accessible for older people, even if you aren’t one yourself. You can start with window replacement, as injury due to incorrect window operation are among the most common emergency room visits. Renewal by Andersen® of Montana discusses more below.

Make Your Windows Low Maintenance

Window maintenance is probably one of the last things older people would have on their minds. Therefore, the goal is to replace your current window line-up with those that need less maintenance, if at all. 

Renewal by Andersen uses our proprietary Fibrex® frames on our windows, which are sturdier than wood, thus necessitating less maintenance. Plus, we coat our exterior pane with a coating of titanium dioxide, which reduces water spots by up to 99% when activated by sunlight.

Make Your Windows Accessible

Older folks need windows that they can access and use without much effort. To that end, you can replace your existing windows with those that can be operated easily, such as sliding windows in place of casement windows. Hinges or latches can be particularly hard to operate for people with disabilities or impaired mobility, so try to find a compromise between security and ease of use.

Make Your Windows Visible

Aging people need light more than ever, and their windows need to reflect this need. Their windows need to have glass panes that are sturdy enough not to break, but with more glass area than frame to let in the most light that it could.

Our picture windows fit the bill. Because our Fibrex frames are much stronger than any other framing material, we can make them slimmer and less obtrusive without sacrificing strength. And while they’re highly visible, we can customize our windows for you if you need privacy.

Renewal by Andersen of Montana is the area’s top window replacement authority. If you’re looking to make your windows easy-to-use, convenient and safe for any age group, we can discuss it when you talk to our designers. Call us today at (406) 812-8167 or fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment.


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