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How Vinyl Stacks Up Against Fibrex®

When you want to replace your windows, it’s always a bad idea to replace them in kind. For example, if your windows need to be replaced because their wooden frames were damaged in some way or another, it won’t do to install a replacement window framed by wood. You would do well to replace and upgrade in one fell swoop.

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana shares how our advanced frame material, Fibrex®, fares against similar types of frames, vinyl in particular.

Vinyl Stacks Against Fibrex®


Vinyl and Fibrex are gifted with high durability, but Fibrex slightly edges vinyl in this regard. It can withstand your local area’s nastiest weather conditions and doesn’t warp at high heat like vinyl is wont to do. Unlike vinyl, though, Fibrex doesn’t bend, chip or flake even against fluctuating weather, doesn’t lose its tough properties regardless of the climate and can fit any window shape or style, making it a favorite for custom windows.


You need to insulate your windows to minimize heat gain or loss, depending on the season. They’re practically holes set into your walls, which make them easy avenues for heat transmission. The best windows use frames that don’t conduct heat that easily; for example, aluminum is commonly used in frames, but they conduct heat easily.

Our Fibrex is part wood but thoroughly drained of any moisture in its cells, which are then filled by a special synthetic material that we developed. This makes Fibrex impervious to heat and humidity, making it an ideal choice for windows that need total insulation, such as casement windows.


Finally, vinyl has a bad strength-to-size ratio. This means that when it’s used as a frame, you need more of the material just to secure the glass panes to the window itself. Fibrex is the opposite; we can use less Fibrex to hold the glass in place. This gives you an unmatched daylighting capability because the glass area of the window is far greater.

Residents in Montana trust Renewal by Andersen of Montana for anything windows. Call us today to find out more about our Fibrex material at (406) 812-8167. You can also fill out our contact form to get started.


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