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Reasons You Can Never Go Wrong With Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows elevate the beauty of your home, flood your living space with light and protect you from harsh outdoor elements. They can also help cut down your monthly utility bills. It’s why when it’s time for a window replacement, it always pays to invest in energy-efficient units. 

Energy-Efficient Windows

Here are reasons you can’t go wrong with installing energy-efficient windows. 

Get Significant Energy Savings

Savings on your heating and cooling costs are among the best benefits of installing energy-efficient windows. It can help keep your living space warm in winter and cool in summer. Experts say that they can reduce your annual energy costs by nine to 18 percent. 

Enjoy a More Peaceful Living Space

After getting energy-efficient windows, you’ll notice less sound outdoor sound penetrating your indoor space. These windows feature inert gas fills that improve insulation and minimize outdoor noise transmission. Compared to outdated single-pane windows, multi pane units absorb sound better. 

Feel More Comfortable Indoors

Upgrading your current sliding windows with energy-efficient ones will also improve your indoor comfort. Single-pane windows are more susceptible to drafts and heat loss, which can cause discomfort and higher energy bills. Today’s energy-efficient windows offer better insulation and maintain a higher surface temperature on the interior glazing. It means that they keep your HVAC system from working harder than it should, resulting in reduced utility costs.  

Protect Your Furnishings and Décor From UV Rays

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause your floors, furniture, décor, and artworks to fade. Luckily, energy-efficient windows feature low-emissivity coatings that allow natural light indoors while blocking harmful UV rays.  

Are you looking for energy-efficient casement, sliding, or picture windows? At Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, we install a wide range of window styles that will increase your curb appeal while cutting down your energy costs. Give us a call at (406) 259-3944 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. 


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