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Should You Get Window Grilles?

Grilles are particularly effective when you want to highlight the aesthetic value of your home. They complement the windows if their styles are complementary, and even without much complement, they can stand out on their own.

However, not all windows can be paired with grilles—some windows may actually lose some of their character when grilles are installed with them. In today’s post, your windows and doors expert, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, shares background information about grilles and how to use them to great effect.

 Window Grilles

Grilles: A Historical Context

Glass, especially continuous sheets of glass used in contemporary windows, couldn’t be transported in a practical manner back in the 17th century. To solve this logistical problem, merchants shipped glass in smaller sections, which were assembled on-site with grilles in order to create full windows.

Until the start of the 20th century, grilles used to be installed outside the window, but now, where technology has advanced to create multiple glass-pane windows, grilles can be used as grids between them.

Grilles for Traditional Homes

Today, grilles are optional, and only serve to boost curb appeal. However, because of their historical pedigree, grilles are great additions if you have a Colonial style, Prairie or any traditional home. They can be installed in windows alongside French hinged patio doors, for example, to create a classic aesthetic.

Renewal by Andersen also offers grille designs that you won’t find anywhere and would fit any traditional home. You can choose from our divided light grilles, which imitate true divided glass or our between-the-glass grilles, which “partition” the glass into sections.

Grilles for Modern Homes

Grilles are less important in modern homes, however, which are all about maximizing daylighting and access to views. However, you can work around this by installing grilles on top of the window while leaving the bottom bare, which can work great to accentuate the modernity of sliding doors.

Trust Renewal by Andersen of Montana for your next window replacement project. If you need advice on whether your home can maximize the use of grilles, call us at (406) 812-8167. You can also fill out our contact form to get started.


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