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The Reasons Behind Warped Windows

When it comes to your windows, one of the major issues you should watch out for is warping. This often occurs in vinyl and wooden windows, and can come in many forms, with bowing and crooking being the most common.

Warped Windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, your go-to source of high-quality double-hung and sliding windows, shares the common causes and solutions to treat warped windows. 

What Causes Windows to Warp?

The primary cause of window warping is dependent on the type of material. For wood windows, it’s because of moisture damage. Here, the frames start to bend as the material absorbs and retains moisture. Exposure to fluctuating temperatures exacerbates the problem further, causing the material to shrink and expand until the frames deform.

In vinyl windows, warping occurs as a result of heat buildup within the frame. This is especially true for dark-colored windows because they attract more sun and heat. Due to the constant sun exposure, the material becomes softer and more malleable. When you tighten your vinyl window when you close it, the locking mechanisms at the top and bottom cause these areas to bend inward. The material hardens as it cools down, keeping the frames warped.

How to Fix Warped Windows

Warped windows not only reduce the curb appeal of your home but also cause gaps between the window sash and frame. These openings allow indoor temperatures to escape. This in turn, causes your HVAC unit to work harder to keep you comfortable. While you can repair your warped windows, this is only a temporary solution. The best course of action in dealing with window warping is to invest in window replacement.

Modern windows also have plenty of new technology that can help increase curb appeal and improve energy efficiency. One good example is Fibrex® windows. The proprietary composite replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen® combine the strength of wood and low-maintenance features of vinyl. In fact, they can withstand even the most extreme temperature changes, preventing warping, cracking and rusting. 

At Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, we offer beautiful, easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient Fibrex windows. Choose from our wide array of options, including casement and picture windows. Give us a call at (406) 259-3944, or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.


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