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Window Condensation During Summer

During summer, there are many noticeable changes you can see and feel around your home. When it gets really hot outside, you might notice that your windows tend to “sweat” more than they usually do. This is called condensation and there is a reason why it happens more often in summer.

Window Condensation

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana discusses window condensation and explains why it’s common during summer.

What Is Window Condensation?

Condensation on windows happens as a result of specific temperature and humidity conditions inside a home. When indoor space is cooler than the outside, the water molecules around windows come together and form a thin layer of water droplets on the window surfaces. This frequently happens in summer as rooms that are cooled by air conditioners are colder than outside.

Is window condensation bad then? Not at all. It’s a common phenomenon that simply happens more often in summer. Keep in mind that low-E coatings can affect how often window condensation occurs as they reflect heat and improve your window’s thermal performance. Generally, windows that have better low-E coatings are more efficient, and one sign that your window is effectively keeping heat out of your home is window condensation.

Can I Prevent Window Condensation?

Window condensation is a naturally occurring effect on windows. And since we cannot control the amount of humidity in a surrounding area, we can’t stop condensation from happening, especially in summer. But there are ways to lessen the frequency and the amount of window condensation. Because window condensation needs one side of the glass to be cooler than the other to form water droplets, the easiest way would be to match your indoor temperature to the outside temperature — which can be done by turning off your HVAC system. However, most homeowners prefer colder indoor temperatures during summer, so other solutions would be to install exterior shutters or plant more trees around your property to produce a cooler environment.

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