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4 Signs That Your Windows Were not Installed Properly

Because putting up new windows is more complicated than it looks, there’s a good chance that your window’s performance can be compromised by mistakes during the installation process. However, you need to know the signs that point to poor installation so here are four of them as explained by our window replacement experts. 

Signs That Your Windows Were not Installed Properly

1. Leaks and Moisture Damage

One of the most important functions of a window is to keep water from getting into your home. If your window isn’t properly installed, small gaps along its seams and frame could allow water to seep in and cause different kinds of moisture-related problems, such as rot and mold. Check your windows for signs of water seeping through, especially around the lower corners of the frame.

2. Visible Gaps Along the Frame

A poorly aligned window is bound to have a less-than-perfect fit, creating gaps large enough for light to stream through. To check this, simply turn off the lights in a room during daytime and check the seams for those gaps. For casement windows, check if the sash doesn’t show any gaps when the panels are fully closed and locked in place.

3. Higher Energy Bills

A window must form an airtight seal when it’s closed. Otherwise, your HVAC will have to use more energy to keep the indoor temperatures comfortable. A poorly-installed window could have alignment problems that create gaps big enough for regulated air to seep out and the outside weather will have an even greater effect on your HVAC’s load.

4. Windows Can’t Be Opened or Closed Easily

Problems with window installation can cause its parts to grind against each other, making it difficult to operate them. This is especially true for custom windows because they don’t have standard measurements that can be considered “safe.” Because of this, we recommend having your replacement windows from a certified contractor. While applying lubrication is a good short-term solution, re-installing the windows in a proper way is a much better choice.

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