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4 Ways to Prevent Frozen Windows This Winter

Whether you have sliding or custom windows, the winter season can easily affect them and cause them to freeze. This can be a problem in the long run as the cold can make opening or closing your windows impossible and they can even sustain damage in the process. Thankfully, it is possible to prevent your windows from freezing during this time of the year.

In this article, Renewal by Andersen® – Montana lists the four different ways you can prevent your windows from freezing during the winter season, starting with:

1. Apply Weatherstripping and Caulk – One of the possible reasons your windows are beginning to freeze is because its weatherstripping and caulking are beginning to wear off. With that in mind, make sure to hire a professional to secure your windows’ weatherstripping. Have them re-caulk the window’s exterior as well to seal small gaps and cracks where air can enter and cause the window to freeze.

2. Reduce Humidity – Replacement window experts also recommend that you maintain low humidity and consistent cool temperatures around your home, especially in the bathrooms and kitchens, to prevent frozen windows. Make sure to run the vents as well to reduce your home’s overall humidity and prevent condensation from accumulating on the windows.

3. Install Plastic Insulation – Apart from installing new weatherstripping and re-caulking, you can also have your pros install plastic shrink film inside your windows to reduce the likelihood of condensation accumulation.

4. Use a De-Icer Spray – On the other hand, you can also spray de-icer sprays outside your window, along the opening, to prevent it from freezing shut. This is because de-icer sprays contain chemicals that prevent freezing. However, keep in mind that they don’t last for long periods of time, meaning you’ll have to spray the window several times within a single day.

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