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A Guide to Maximizing Passive Ventilation

With the cost of electricity increasing over time, you should start considering more ways to cut down on energy consumption without having to compromise your home’s comfort. According the leading window contractor in the area, one of the best options you have is passive ventilation. What is it and how can you get the most out of it? Read on to find out. 

A Guide to Maximizing Passive Ventilation

What Is Passive Ventilation?

Passive ventilation is a term that refers to your home’s ability to keep air flowing in and out of your home without assistance from an HVAC or electric fans. Because it relies on how air moves on its own, it is also referred to as natural ventilation. Your home’s windows and doors play a big role on how freely the air will circulate and keep your home comfortable.

Big Openings, Better Airflow

Size matters when it comes to improving your home’s passive ventilation. The bigger the windows, the more air can flow inside your home. More air creates pressure inside, making it easier for stale indoor air to get pushed outside. A reputable window company will generally recommend casements and bay windows, which can open as wide as their frames’ actual size.

Location Is Crucial

Your window’s placement will also have an effect on passive ventilation. Two big windows next to each other will let the air flow in but the rush of fresh air could keep the indoor air trapped. Put one of the windows on the opposite side of the room as an exit point and air can flow in one direction, creating more efficient air flow.

Work With Elevation

You can take advantage of air’s tendency to rise up as they get warmer. By putting windows and vents closer to the ceiling, warm air that rises up has a convenient exit point. As the warm air exits thru the vents, cool air enters from the sides of the home. Window billings and installation experts say that you can go for smaller windows as an alternative to dedicated vents for this purpose.

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