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Energy-Efficient Windows FAQs

If you’re shopping for new windows these days, you’ll notice that energy-efficient windows are quite popular among contractors, design consultants, and other homeowners. The name itself can give you a good idea of what these windows are. However, you probably still have some questions about them.

Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, a trusted provider of window replacement services, answers a few frequently asked questions about energy-efficient windows.

What Is a Gas-Filled Window?

Using modern window technology, manufacturers seal an inert gas between the panes of glass in order to enhance the insulating property of a window. Usually argon, the gas has proven to be a better insulator than air. This then further increases the thermal value of a window.

What Is Low-E Glass?

Whether you opt for sliding windows or casement windows, you can select low-e for the glass of your windows. Low-e basically stands for low remittance, meaning it can reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays from outside to inside. This comes with several benefits including improved thermal efficiency, reduced glare, and protection against UV rays. Low-e windows can make a big difference in your cooling expenses too.

How Do R-Value and U-Value Differ From Each Other?

R-value is often used when discussing wall and ceiling insulation. However, this does not translate accurately when it comes to windows and other fenestration products — hence, U-values are used instead. A higher R-value means better insulation in walls and ceilings, while lower U-values indicate better efficiency of windows in keeping heat and cold out.

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