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How to Set Up a Productive Home Office

Setting up a home office is a lot trickier than it looks. For instance, it can’t be too cozy—otherwise, you’re unlikely to get anything done on time. It can’t be too formal either—otherwise, what’s the point of having a home office?

To help you get the right balance between a homey and professional feel, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana shares some interior design tips below: 

Productive Home Office

Set Up Your Work Desk Near Windows 

Natural light from windows can help you give your daily dose of Vitamin D and improve your mood and by extension your focus and productivity. However, to protect your devices from high and cold temperatures, you shouldn’t place your desk so close to the windows. 

Here’s a pro-tip: Natural light can also give the illusion of a larger office. To enhance this illusion, we recommend installing contemporary sliding doors. As an added benefit, sliding doors also help free up space in your home office. Since sliding doors, as the name suggests, slide instead of swinging open, they don’t take up as much space as a traditional hinged office door. 

Incorporate Smooth Elements in Your Home Office’s Design 

Smooth elements, like colorful pots and bowls or a sanded wood desk with glass accents, reflect natural light, helping distribute it evenly throughout your office. 

Add a Personal Touch to Your Home Office 

The personal touch is what differentiates a home office from a stuffy workspace. To add a personal touch, you can install windows or doors with a unique style. Renewal by Andersen of Montana offers a wide variety of customizable windows and doors. As part of our Signature Service, we customize each and every window and door to suit your needs and design preferences. 

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