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How Water Quality Affects How Well You Clean Your Windows

Regular maintenance is necessary to making sure your windows and doors last. For the most part, this involves cleaning, which requires the right tools and products to be effective. To ensure your window cleaning efforts are not going to waste then, you have to pay attention to the quality of the things you are using, starting with the quality of the water you’re cleaning with.

Water Quality

What Is Water Quality?

Water quality refers to the chemical, biological and physical composition of water. The indicators used to test for it include alkalinity, taste, odor, color and pH. Additionally, water is tested for metal, bacterial and organic matter. For water to be safe for use, it has to have low levels of contamination, with a certain amount of total dissolved solids allowed.

TDS are the organic and inorganic materials present in water. For water quality to be ideal for cleaning windows and patio doors, it needs to have a TDS level below 20 parts per million.

Cleaning With Hard vs. Soft Water

Hard water makes cleaning difficult because it contains two minerals, calcium and magnesium, that cut the cleaning and foaming effects of soap. Hard water has high levels of TDS.

With minerals that make water hard removed, soft water is more effective for window cleaning, requiring less soap to achieve the same level of cleanliness. It also prevents streaks or spots from appearing on surfaces when it dries and can help extend the lifespan of a window by keeping deposit buildup at bay.

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