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The 4 Factors That Can Affect Your Window Replacement Costs

Replacing your windows isn’t something that you should just dive headfirst into. You actually have to consider numerous factors before you go through with it, such as the window style you’ll be using or the contractor you’ll hire to get the job done. While both are important things to think about, there’s actually a more important factor that you have to consider: cost.

In this post, Renewal by Andersen – Montana, a leading provider of casement windows, discusses the four different factors that can easily affect the cost of your window replacement project.

  1. Glass Type – While choosing your window, you actually have an abundance of glass types to choose from, all with a different price. For instance, there’s the double-pane window, which is made up of two glass units and is often praised for its temperature and sound insulation. These advantages, however, have their drawbacks as double-pane windows are more costly compared to single-pane types. However, they do bring long-term savings thanks to their insulating process.

  1. Number of Windows – How many windows you’ll be replacing also factors into the overall costs of your replacement window project. This is because having more than one window replaced at the same time will affect the material and labor expenses.

  1. Labor – What some homeowners don’t know is that the majority of your window replacement costs is actually made up of the labor expenses. Labor often includes inspection, material configuration (for custom jobs), material preparation, installation and any repairs that have to be done. To keep costs low for labor, always choose quality labor to prevent any costly mistakes during the installation process.

  1. Frame Material – The most commonly used framing materials for windows are aluminum and vinyl. Between the two, however, aluminum is the more costly option thanks to its durability. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a cost-effective option thanks to its low-maintenance capabilities. As much as possible, always choose the frame type that can suit your needs, budget, and home style and avoid compromising the quality for a less costly route.

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