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The Advantages of Installing Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are among the most popular window options available today, but what exactly makes them so popular? According to the leading window replacement contractor in the area, it’s because they have a few big advantages over other types of windows. Here’s a quick rundown on the most important strengths of this particular option. 

The Advantages of Installing Double-Hung Windows

They Can Have Two Openings for Better Airflow

When you open a window, air tends to just either flow in or flow out because there is only one opening. With a double-hung window, you can have both panels slide towards the middle. This creates two openings, with the upper opening acting as an exit point for warm air and the lower one allowing fresh cool air to enter. This allows for good ventilation even if a room only has enough space for a single window.

They Are Compact

A double-hung window requires very little space. This is because the sashes are confined to the frame itself instead of swinging out. As a result, you can put double-hung windows almost anywhere you want. They are even more  versatile than sliding windows, which tend to be wider and take up more space even if they have the same confined sashes.

They Are Better Insulated

Because double-hung windows have sashes that are always in contact with the frame, they form a better seal compared to casement windows. This is especially true as the windows age, as older hinged windows tend to lose the ability to fully close, even when secured with the latch.

Getting Quality Windows

Whether you’re getting double-hung windows, casement windows or even picture windows, it’s much better to have them installed by certified contractors. This ensures that each window is installed according to manufacturer’s specifications so they won’t be compromised by problems related to poor installation.

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