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The Usual Suspects Behind Drafty Windows

Still scratching your head over a higher-than-expected electricity bill? Drafty windows are a possible suspect.  According to the Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows account for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling costs. This figure will no doubt be higher if you have drafty windows. 

What are the usual causes of drafty windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, your trusted window replacement company, lists them below: 

Usual Suspects Behind Drafty Windows

Usual Causes of Drafty Windows 

  • Brittle glazing putty – Glazing putty keeps your window’s glass panes in place. If the putty becomes brittle or suffers cracks, gaps in your window may emerge, allowing water to infiltrate your windows and allowing heat to enter or escape your home. How can you tell if the putty on your windows has turned brittle? Rattling sounds from your windows are a common warning sign. 
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures – Gaps may form between your window and wall if the former isn’t suited to the local climate. When exposed to extreme temperatures, certain materials expand and contract. This may cause the window panes to shift and form gaps between the window frame and wall. 

Here’s a pro-tip: If you’re looking for a window that’s durable enough to handle Montana’s warm summers and cold winters, we recommend choosing Fibrex® sliding windows. Fibrex is an exclusive proprietary composite that combines the best qualities of wood and vinyl. This material doesn’t expand or contract in extreme temperatures and resists common window issues such as rot and corrosion. 

Should You Repair or Replace Drafty Windows? 

It’s more cost-effective to replace drafty windows. Insulated windows are filled with either argon or krypton, nontoxic gases that can prevent heat transfer. Repairs can fix the leaks that let the gases escape but won’t refill your window’s insulated glass unit or restore its energy efficiency. 

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