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Tips on Containing the Mess During Window Replacement

One thing is constant with all kinds of remodeling projects: there will always be a mess that needs to be cleaned up afterwards. Window replacements, unlike whole-home renovations, are easier to contain. In this blog, your local purveyor of replacement windows and patio doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, shares tips on how to contain the mess during a window replacement.

Keep Drop Cloths Away From Paths

Every window replacement contractor worth hiring will install drop cloths to catch pieces of debris, as well as to minimize damage to the floor. Improperly-placed drop cloths can be a tripping hazard. Care should be taken to make sure drop cloths are installed only at the right spots. Our installers at Renewal by Andersen of Montana are trained on how to be unobtrusive during installation. Unlike most types of remodeling projects, the homeowner can stay in their home as the windows are being replaced.

Use Tarpaulins and Plastic Coverings

The areas near the patio doors and windows need to be protected from dust. During window removal, dust can come from plaster, from the immediate outdoors and from the old windows. It is always a good idea to cover your valuables, electronics, and furniture with plastic or tarp. In addition to protecting your property, plastic coverings make it easy to avoid spreading dust during cleanup.

Take Out Important Items

While we do have general liability insurance in case of accidental property damage, it is better to keep valuable items out of the way, particularly if they are irreplaceable. We recommend storing these valuables off-site, or at least somewhere safe like in the basement. It may be troublesome to do so, but it’s better than risking it getting damaged.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Children and pets can be stressed out by the noise and sudden presence of people. They can also be at risk of accidentally bumping into installers as they work. If possible, have your kids and pets stay at relatives. Pets can also be temporarily rehomed with a trusted veterinarian.

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