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What Causes Window Warping and How to Stop It

Your windows are an indispensable part of your home as they play key roles in encouraging natural airflow in your home while increasing its curb appeal. As a responsible homeowner, it’s important to ensure that they’re in great condition for them to perform at peak levels. However, they could run into issues, such as warping, due to a variety of reasons. In today’s post, casement windows expert, Renewal by Andersen® of Montana shares the causes of window warping and how you can prevent it.

What Causes Window Warping?

There’s a number of reasons as to why windows warp, but the leading cause of warping is moisture buildup. Vinyl and wood windows tend to absorb moisture easily compared to other types of windows. Once the windows have absorbed too much moisture, they will expand and contract due to the shifts in the temperature which will cause them to warp.

Keep in mind that the more moisture your windows are holding, the stronger the contraction will be. There are other causes worth mentioning such as airflow, heat, cold, and even the grain orientation. Don’t forget that no matter how well you take care of your windows, they will warp if there is too much moisture present within the frames. 

Why Fix It Immediately?

Granted, moisture and humidity are unavoidable, but you need to treat the problem immediately as soon as you spot it since this will compromise your home’s energy efficiency due to the air leaks that the warping has caused. Other than making your windows look tattered, it will be difficult to operate since they no longer fit snug on the existing frame. You’ll have to get a new replacement window for them to function properly.

What Else Can I Do?

It’s within your options to have your window repaired, but this is only a temporary solution. For best results, we recommend replacing your old windows with our Fibrex® windows, which feature the benefits of both vinyl and wood windows without any of their disadvantages. They’re also known in the market as one of the strongest window options you can buy. It also features a narrow frame that grants more glass area which allows for more daylighting. Last, but not least, they are highly customizable to fit your home’s style.

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