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Why Replace Windows During Fall?

They say that any season is ideal for a home improvement project, however, homeowners often overlook this idea and resort to making repairs and replacements only when issues begin to appear. While this is a concern, experts remind that there can be a specific time when it’s best to make renovations— such as changing your old existing windows. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® will share why you should consider getting a window replacement during the fall.

Replace Windows
  • Outdoor conditions that are not too hot or cold make it easier for the contractors to install your replacement windows. It is worth noting that unlike during the winter months, caulk adheres way better when the weather is pleasant. Proper curing of latex caulk, for instance, can be achieved when the temperatures reach at least 40°F.
  • Another reason to pursue window replacement in the fall is that this season marks the end of the busy period for most contractors. The demand for home remodeling activities tends to be high over the spring and summer. In the fall, you’ll be less likely to encounter this. This allows you to get scheduled rather quickly.

Moreover, companies look to meet quotas and maximize sales by launching promo offers and offering low-cost financing deals during this time of the year. This makes fall a great time to get the best value for your sliding windows as a replacement.

Pre-Installation Preparations

Make certain this project commences on the right foot by doing some proper planning and preparations on your home days prior to the arrival of contractors. Clear the potential work zone of any furniture or fixtures, relocating them somewhere where they won’t get in the way of the installation crew. Cover the flower beds and other greenery outside your home with tarps to keep them safe from dust and debris.

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