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What Can Strong Windows Do to Your Windows?

Windows offer protection against the elements, just like other components of your home’s exterior. After years of constant exposure to harsh conditions, you will eventually need to plan for a window replacement. For instance, strong winds can sometimes contribute to window seal breakage, which often means the unit will need to be replaced. 

Strong Windows

Continue reading to learn what strong winds can potentially do to your windows. 

Can Strong Winds Damage Your Windows?

Many of today’s windows feature at least two panes of glass with an inert glass in between for added insulation. The gas inside the panes can expand or contract throughout the day due to temperature changes. Over time, it can strain the seal between panes, resulting in tiny breaches and leaks. When this happens, you will notice condensation forming between window panes, which indicates seal failure. 

How old are your current casement windows? If your windows are aging and have broken seals, they are more susceptible to wind damage. Strong winds can be what finally causes the compromised windows to fail. Windblown debris can be responsible for serious damage as well. High winds during rainstorms can cause moisture to get in between panes of windows with damaged seals. Moreover, strong winds alone usually don’t cause window failure, but they can aggravate any existing issue the unit has. 

How Do You Deal With Damaged Windows?

If your windows are approaching the end of their life, replacement is typically your best option. To make the most of your investment, make sure to choose products that can elevate your home’s curb appeal, withstand harsh conditions and reduce your energy bills. It’s also essential to work with a reliable contractor for the installation. Keep in mind that windows are only as good as how they were installed. 

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