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Helpful Tips for Daylighting Through Windows

Daylighting refers to the regulated admission of natural light, direct sunlight, and diffused skylight into a structure to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Effective daylighting can give you savings on energy costs and create a better indoor environment for the occupants of your home. Moreover, natural light has been found to make spaces look bigger and fresher as well as improve mood and productivity.

Get tips on how to implement effective daylighting in your home from a local provider of custom windows.

Place Your Windows Higher

Higher windows can provide you with deeper light. Since these windows are tucked under the eaves, the light they allow inside is shaded, helping prevent excessive brightness in the room. Placing windows higher can also prevent glare.

Use Window Treatments

Window treatments, like blinds, shapes and curtains, can filter harsh daylight. Using horizontal shades can block harsh light in the southern areas of your home when the sun is high. You can use vertical shades when the sun is low and the broad part of the vertical elements are positioned to the sun. These shades are also more effective when placed perpendicular to the window, where no horizontal element is necessary.

Choose the Right Finishes

When getting new replacement window units, one important thing to consider is the color and finish. The interior finish of your windows can contribute to effective daylighting. It would help to use light-colored surfaces throughout your home. Gloss or semi-gloss finishes can also reflect more light than satin finishes.

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