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Passive Heating Tips for Your South-Facing Windows

A well-designed home is not just about having the right interior elements to match your home’s architectural style. It should also have the correct window placement so you can lower your heating costs during fall and winter and enjoy a cool interior during summer.

Bay windows with an outdoor winter view

Renewal by Andersen® of Montana, your local source of custom windows, discusses the basics of passive solar design and some tips to consider if you have south-facing windows.

About Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design, or climatic design, harnesses solar energy without the use of mechanical systems or devices. In addition to the sun, it utilizes the orientation of the windows and other openings, the existing insulation and ventilation in your home, and the trees and other things that provide shade to achieve the desired comfort levels and interior temperatures.

A successful replacement window installation allows you to save money through passive heating and cooling. Combined with a bit of interior design, your home can feel more spacious and comfortable. This can be attained by investing in large windows,  the perfect mix of artificial lighting, and having a home with an open floor plan.

Window Tips to Consider

Living in a warm climate means that large windows should be placed on the north-facing side of the home to reduce heat gain during the summer while still letting sunlight in. In areas with frigid winters like ours, the same windows should be located on the southern part of the house. This way, more heat can enter the home during the colder months. Installing window treatments and planting trees or bushes near these windows can be done during the hotter months to provide shade.

Be sure to choose multi-paned windows for the south-facing part of the house. Check the energy performance ratings indicated on the product; the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) must be at least 0.6 and U-factor at 0.35 or less.

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