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Should All Your Windows Match?

When it comes to the front of their house, many homeowners opt for a traditional, symmetrical design. The design of windows on the front of your house, however, does not have to match on the other sides. It’s fine to mix and match window designs and sizes, even for sliding windows, as long as they’re well-designed and suit the rest of your property.


You may adjust each window opening to your usage demands while staying true to your home’s charm by mixing and matching different window types across your home or within a room. Follow these tips before committing to a window type to determine the best fit for your home.

1. Determine the Window’s Primary Function

When it comes to window styles, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Each form of window has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on window placement, room layout and a variety of other circumstances, such advantages and disadvantages can mean a lot — or nothing at all. 

To choose the perfect design for you, you must first understand your alternatives and determine what you most desire from your window replacement.

2. Discover the Architectural Style of Your Home

It’s crucial to have a goal in mind. However, you still want a window that complements the architecture of your home. Traditional double-hung windows are more common. They’ve been popular for nearly a century and look great in antique homes. 

Colonial, Victorian, Cape Cod and other homes influenced by those times can benefit from double-hung windows.

3. Mix and Match Designs in Various Window Types

Your windows will open and perform differently if you use a mix-and-match strategy for window replacement. A jumble of styles might make your home’s style appear disconnected. Across all window styles, most window manufacturers use the same materials, designs, colors and other possibilities. 

Although it isn’t required for all windows to be made of the same materials or have the same design, use similar or complementary options for all window kinds to create a unified effect.

The type of windows you currently have in your home provides a solid beginning point for window replacement. They do not, however, have to confine you to a particular style or design. The only things your windows have to match are your home’s and everyone’s individual demands.

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