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The 4 Worst Window Maintenance Habits You Might be Doing

Maintaining the windows of your home are part and parcel of being a homeowner. After all, failing to keep up with your window’s maintenance procedures can cause it to deteriorate and require replacement earlier than expected. However, there are still some homeowners that are baffled as to why their windows are deteriorating faster despite maintaining them. The possible answer to this is that they may be unintentionally following a few bad window maintenance habits.

Here, the window professionals of Renewal by Andersen® – Montana reveals the four worst window maintenance habits you might be following.

  1. Being Sloppy When Washing Your Home – Believe it or not, how you clean your home can affect your windows. When cleaning your siding, make sure to keep the pressure washer or muriatic acid away from the window to prevent them from destroying its seal. Otherwise, fogginess between the glass and loss of energy efficiency can occur.

  1. Leaving the Window Coverings Down – Condensation is a common window issue and while window coverings such as shades and drapes won’t cause condensation, it can trap moisture near your windows and prevent airflow. This can encourage mold growth and rot that can cause your window to require an immediate replacement. To prevent this, consider raising the window covering or removing it entirely.

  1. Not Cleaning the Tracks – If you’re finding it difficult to open or close your windows, your window company will most likely recommend that you clean the tracks as the dirt and debris that accumulate in them can cause pitting and corrosion that prevents your window from operating smoothly.

  1. Not Locking the Windows – Windows are more efficient when they’re locked as this tightens the seal between the sash and weatherstrip, allowing it to eliminate drafts and outside noise. Windows that are closed but not locked, on the other hand, can allow moisture to transfer between the house and the outdoors, which can eventually lead to mold or rot. With that in mind, make sure to lock your windows as often as you can to prevent this kind of damage.

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