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Tips for Picking the Best Hardware for Your Windows

When homeowners hear the word “window hardware”, some tend to think that it refers to window treatments such as curtain rods, holdbacks or even the curtain itself. In actuality, when it comes to the windows itself, however, the term “hardware” refers to the components that allows the window to function properly. But how exactly does one pick the best hardware for their windows? It actually depends on the window style.

In this article, the experts of Renewal by Andersen® – Montana gives you tips to help you pick out the hardware for your window.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are designed with window sashes, moving panels of glass that allow it to be opened and closed. When choosing a hardware for your double-hung windows, keep in mind that they require specific mechanisms to be properly functional and secure. These window hardware include the sash locks, the piece at the top of the window that secures the sash and keeps it tightly closed, and the sash lift, which is a handle at the bottom of the window that allows you to open and close the sash.

An optional window hardware that your window contractor may recommend for your double-hung window are the sash stops, which can be used to keep the sash open if it won’t stay open on its own. You can choose from spring bolts, sash stays, tension springs or bead adjusters if you’re considering adding this to your double-hung window.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are often hinged on one side and can be swung open, which requires an entirely different set of hardware compared to double-hung windows. The hardware that you need to choose for these windows include casement latches to allow you to open and lock the window. Casement hinges, which are the joints where the window swings, are another hardware to keep in mind. If your window is antique or historic, consider choosing for hinges with decorative designs.

Other hardware that you can pick for casement windows include casement stays, smart adjusters that lets you open and close your window to get the right amount of air and casement bolts which keeps the tall sashes of the window from bowing. You can choose between surface-slide bolts and cremone bolts, which eliminates the need for latches since it runs the full length of the window.

Bars and Grilles

On the other hand, you can have bars and grilles installed on your windows no matter what style it is. This window hardware can offer added security for your windows as it allows you to prevent falls and keep potential intruders out at the same time.

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