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Important Things That Should be in Your Window Warranty

There are many factors to be considered when choosing among window replacement options: window style, insulated glass, frame colors and finishes among them. In this blog, replacement window company Renewal by Andersen® of Montana takes a look at another important element of buying replacement windows: warranty coverage.

Product and Workmanship Warranties

There are two types of warranty coverage. Product warranty is also known as material, manufacturer or factory warranty. It provides coverage for problems that may arise from material or manufacturing defects. A typical replacement window limited warranty would have separate coverage for the frames, glazing and accessories. For example, Renewal by Andersen High-Performance Low-E4® glass packages have a 20-year coverage, while the non-glass components have 10 years.

Workmanship or installation warranties provide coverage against installation errors, and is generally covered by the window contractor. Certain manufacturers in the building industry provide coverage for both, under certain conditions, such as installation has to be done by a certified contractor. Problems rooted in faulty installation most often manifest within the first few months of installation, so a one-year coverage is plenty. Renewal by Andersen does one better by providing two years of workmanship coverage.

Limited and Transferable Warranties

We often get asked about the phrases “limited warranty” and “transferable,” as they are often mentioned during discussions about warranty. Limited warranties are broadly defined as warranty coverage limited to conditions such as specific parts, types of defects or ownership. In contrast, full warranties provide full coverage, with few exceptions, such as normal wear and tear.

A warranty is said to be transferable if the house’s next owner is eligible for coverage, provided that it is still within the warranty period. For example, if the house is sold 8 years after the windows were installed and the windows have a 20-year coverage, this means the succeeding owner will still have 12 years of coverage left. Often the transferability applies to just the next owner after the original, so a third is unlikely to have coverage.

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