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What Causes Discoloration in Dual-Pane Windows?

A double-pane window can significantly increase your home’s comfort and energy efficiency by minimizing the amount of solar heat that passes through the unit. With these windows, your heating and cooling system doesn’t need to work hard to keep your rooms cool, saving you on energy bills. You should be aware of any signs your double-pane windows have problems since they don’t function the same with traditional windows.

Find out what causes discoloration in double-pane windows from a trusted window replacement company.

What Causes Double-Pane Window Discoloration?

Indoor moisture problems are usually visible through your windows. Discoloration caused by moisture damage can appear as black or dark-colored streaks along the surface of the window. While the discoloration may not feel wet, it’s caused by too much moisture in your home. Moreover, discoloration may also be orange, green, brown, back, or white.

Excessive humidity levels can cause moisture problems in your home. Relative humidity is the result of the amount of moisture or water vapor generated in your home, the relative humidity outdoors, and the rate at which your home replaces moist air inside with fresh air. Aside from discoloration, high humidity levels indoors can also cause other problems, such as wood rot and mold growth.

What Can You Do About It?

In some cases, it is more effective to replace discolored windows than get new ones. For instance, when you choose to get new sliding windows, you won’t have to worry about the unaffected area of the window getting damaged. A window replacement also allows you to add a discoloration-resistant film to prevent future moisture-related problems.

Moreover, the long-term solution to this problem is to control humidity in your home. You’ll need to determine the sources of excess moisture and eliminate them.

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