Fraud Blocker Window Replacement Scams and Sales Tactics To Avoid
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Window Replacement Scams and Sales Tactics To Avoid

When it comes to having a window replacement project completed for your home, it’s important to be cautious when picking professionals. This is due to the fact that some window firms employ deception and deceptive sales practices to get homeowners to purchase their products or use their services. As a result, since you’ll want to avoid both frauds and sales strategies, learning as much as you can about them is a good idea.

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Here are some of the most common window replacement frauds and sales strategies to avoid.

1. Price Appears Seems Too Good to Be True

Pay attention to the small print in window replacement ads. Everyone wants a bargain, but that doesn’t mean you’ll receive quality. Unusually cheap prices often imply the lowest basic choice available in a size that doesn’t suit most window frames. The true price, after all the tricks, may be significantly higher.

2. The Neighborhood Discount

A window salesman knocking on your door to advise you that they are working on projects in your neighborhood and offering you a discount is another typical sales strategy. This is a sales ploy that you should never fall for. Simply express your gratitude for their informing you.

3. Buy Right Now

If a window replacement contractor presses you into buying right now, they don’t want you to think about it. In order to appear to be receiving a great deal, sliding windows scammers may state the pricing is only available for a limited time. This is false, therefore don’t believe it.

4. Husband and Wife Must Be Present

Have you ever wondered why a window provider requires a husband and wife to receive a quote? They want you to get new windows right away. “I’ll have to discuss it with my spouse,” these corporations know if the husband or wife is alone at home.

With this answer, they can’t clinch the transaction. The next best choice is to wait until both of you are home. If they say their offer is only valid for a limited time, it was never a decent deal.

5. All Warranties Are the Same

This is untrue. Warranties vary per window manufacturer. They range from two years to a lifetime.  Replacement windows with a short warranty are often not a good idea. Windows should last decades. A guarantee of only a few years does not reflect well on the product’s quality.

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